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Several members reported getting audit letters from the Home Inspection Advisory Committee on May 2nd.  NJ NACHI would like to remind you that, as a full member of the organization, a transcript of your continuing education units (CEUs) for the last license period is available to you through NJ NACHI’s online Membership
& Education System. 
This single piece of paper has been approved to take the place of all you CEU certificates when/if you are audited


To download your transcript, please follow these directions: 

  1. Go to www.NJNACHI.com and click on the Member Portal link to get to M365.
  2. Log into the M365 Membership & Education System using your email and password.
  3. Click on Continuing Education Credits / Continuing Education Credits-Activities
  4. Between the active CEU tracking chart and the chart of NJ NACHI CEU classes you attended, locate and click on the CE Transcript link
  5. From the pull down box, select the period being audited ( 2021-05-01 to 2023-04-30 )
  6. Click Generate Certificate
  7. Print or Save the PDF for submission

Make sure to check the transcript carefully to ensure all classes are listed before submitting.  Contact NJ NACHI if you note any discrepancies.


Please keep in mind that, since NJ NACHI can only verify NJ NACHI class attendance, only NJ NACHI classes are tracked by the software.  If you get CEUs from other sources, they will needed to be added to your NJ NACHI transcript for upload to the HIAC.


You heard that correctly – upload!  The letter from the HIAC will direct you to upload your documents to the same DCA website that we use to renew our license.  You will need your user name and password for the


Lastly, it is our understanding that there are no electronic confirmations/emails generated when a submittal has been processed.  NJ NACHI recommends that our members take screen shots of the online submittal for
your records, including but not limited to the last page, which indicates that your documents have been submitted to the HIAC/DCA.


Questions? – Contact us at info@njnachi.com

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