NJ Nachi

Affiliate Member Benefits

  • In New Jersey, only NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month (North, Central & South Jersey) for a single affiliate membership fee. Every meeting provides an opportunity to introduce your company to member inspectors through short presentations.
  • Affiliate member literature, business cards, pamphlets, etc. are displayed and available for the membership at all North, Central and South meetings, whether affiliate representatives are in attendance or not.
  • Affiliate membership includes the opportunity to provide an educational presentation to the membership to increase the visibility of your business and establish credibility and familiarity with the membership. Many inspectors recommend affiliate members because of their comfort level with the vendor as a result of these presentations.
  • NJ NACHI represents the interests of our members and other inspectors statewide at Triple Play, HIAC meetings, and important legislative hearings.
  • Affiliate membership comes with a banner ad on the NJ NACHI website.  These ads have performed surprisingly well and the click through and impression counts on these ads are impressive.
  • Affiliate membership comes with a listing on our affiliate member page by service, so that our members can readily retrieve your information for distribution, or refer our clients directly to your link on our website.
  • Affiliate membership entitles you to lower rates for marketing opportunities at NJ NACHI’s Inspector Success Seminars and a free table at our annual holiday party.

Meeting Schedule


NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month covering North, Central & South Jersey.

See meeting locations & register here.