NJ Nachi

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NJ NACHI is the trusted source for home inspectors. We know it is important that buyers and sellers have professional, talented home inspectors to help them make smart decisions on buying or selling.

NJ NACHI was the first source of Certified Licensed Home inspectors in New Jersey, and we believe it is still the best source of highly qualified home inspectors. NJ NACHI’s commitment to our members, to the professionalism of the industry, to raising our standards to the highest levels, and to serving buyers and sellers sets us apart from other professional home inspection associations, making NJ NACHI inspectors the number one choice.

For homebuyers at any stage of their home buying process, NJ NACHI inspectors offer resources and information to help them reach their goal of buying a new home. As a top association for nearly two decades, NJ NACHI has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient resources for searching for the best in the home inspection industry. Buyers and sellers can take advantage of the many resources available such as:

  • Locating quality and licensed home inspectors in a local area
  • Easy search options allowing for county and zip code searches
  • Finding specialty inspectors for Pools, Sewer Scopes, Radon, Mold, and much more
  • User friendly platform that provides immediate contact detail with minimal clicks

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