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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I log in to NJ NACHI's Membership & Events online software system?

The most common complaint is one of the easiest to fix.  Please check to make sure that the email address you are using to log onto the membership and events system is the email address that NJ NACHI uses to contact you. 



DO NOT ‘re-join’ NJ NACHI using a different email than the one we use to contact you.  This will result in the creation of a second Member Profile, one that is not linked to your membership status/payments or your education history.  Instead, LOG IN using the email we have on file, and make changes once you are on your Member Profile page.



Another way you can determine what email NJ NACHI has in our system for you is to go to the Member Directory on the website, look yourself up and see what email address is in the system.


I don't remember my password.

Passwords to the new membership and event software system were sent to all NJ NACHI members in good standing on 11/2/21.  Please check your email history for this email from NJ NACHI, and once you find your password, store it in a safe place for future use.  

If you cannot locate your password, go through the Member Portal to the sign-in page and click on ‘Forget Password’.  Once you are in your Member Profile, you can change your password if you wish.

How do I get my CEU certificate?

When certificates for a particular meeting are ready, NJ NACHI will send out a certificate release and survey email to all event participants. This process occurs as our volunteers have time to reconcile the registration with the sign in sheet, adjust any necessary payments, and generate the blast/survey.  This could take up to 2 months, and may or may not occur in chronological order.


Prior to the official release of the certificates, you may find some, but not all of your certificates in your Member Account.  Please do not contact NJ NACHI about any missing certificates unless you have received the official email release for that meeting.


I can’t find all of my continuing education certificates in NJ NACHI's online education tracking software.

At this time, all of the CEU certificates from the license period 2021-23 have been issued.  From their Dashboard, Members can print a single transcript of all their CEUs from NJ NACHI’s  Membership & Event website that has been approved by the HIAC.  If you feel that a CEU certificate is missing from the 2021-23 license period, please contact NJ NACHI.

Can I access the old membership and events system and download my certificates?

Not any longer.  The published deadline for downloading certificates was October 31, 2021.  NJ NACHI has plans to re-create all of the certificates for the current license period in the new system.  We hope to upload all of our member’s historical education history so that education transcripts can be generated if needed.  There is no timetable for this work, as it is being performed by volunteers who all have their own businesses.


What if I need my radon refresher certificate to submit to the NJ DEP for Radon MET renewal?

NJ NACHI is a provider of continuing education credits for your Home Inspection license renewal ONLY.  NJ NACHI is not an approved NJ DEP educator and we do not store CEU certificates for approved NJ DEP education providers.  If you have lost the certificate you were issued at a NJ NACHI Radon Refresher event given to you by the NJ DEP education provider, you will need to contact that provider for a duplicate copy:

Radata – https://radata.com

Radon Testing Corporation of America (RTCA) – https://rtca.com

Center for Environmental Research & Technology Inc (CERTI) – https://certi.us  



Meeting Schedule


NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month covering North, Central & South Jersey.

See meeting locations & register here.

Why Realtors Should Use NJ NACHI

Realtors, NJ NACHI is your trusted source for home inspectors for agents, brokers, lenders, appraisers, builders or real estate attorneys. We know it is important that you have professional, talented home inspectors to recommend to your clients to help them make smart decisions on buying or selling.