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NJ NACHI is the largest and most active professional association for licensed home inspectors in New Jersey.  Our mission is to provide leadership, support and education to those in our field.  The New Jersey Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors works to have a positive impact on the home inspection industry in New Jersey by encouraging and helping inspectors to achieve their greatest potential as Home Inspectors. Commitment to our fellow members, to the professionalism of the industry, to raising our standards to the highest levels, and to serving the consumer sets us apart from other professional home inspection associations.

NJ NACHI strives to provide its members with all of the information, tools, and support, required to be successful. We do this through our statewide network of volunteers, our national and international resources and websites, and our educational opportunities. With at least 25 meetings a year in Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey, our membership has numerous options to engage with other members, our affiliates and guest speakers.

If you are a licensed home inspector or a student working towards your home inspection license in New Jersey, we invite you to join us for a complimentary dinner meeting and find out why NJ NACHI is the largest and fastest growing professional Home Inspection association in the State.

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Affiliate Membership

As a bonus all Affiliates Members are entitled to a free banner ad on this website to promote your business to members as well as visitors to our website.
A NJ NACHI Affiliate membership is your opportunity introduce your company to all our member inspectors through monthly meeting, short presentations and display tables at the meeting, and more.

NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month covering North, Central & South Jersey.

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Why Realtors Should Use NJ NACHI

Realtors, NJ NACHI is your trusted source for home inspectors for agents, brokers, lenders, appraisers, builders or real estate attorneys. We know it is important that you have professional, talented home inspectors to recommend to your clients to help them make smart decisions on buying or selling.