NJ Nachi

register for a meeting instructions

There are several ways to access NJ NACHI’s new Event Registration System:
  1. Use the link in the email you received
  2. Click on the Member Portal link at www.NJNACHI.com.  Once you are logged into your DASHBOARD, select the meeting you want to register for from the Upcoming Meetings window
  3. Click on Register for Meeting and select the meeting you want to register for from the Calendar

    See below to withdraw registration
Logging In to Member365:

Sign in with your user name and password in the Member Login prompt:

  • Your user name is the email with which NJ NACHI contacts YOU!
  • You must create your own password.  [If you are a first time user or have forgotten your password, click on the ‘don’t have/forgot your password’ link below the sign-in boxes.  The site will email you a password and a link.  Click on the link, enter your email and the new password, and that should get you to your profile page.  On the profile page there is a button you can use to change your password.  We recommend changing it to something you will remember.]

Once your email and password are recognized, you will be taken to your DASHBOARD.  From here, you can access and change your profile information, update your services (‘public facing data’), retrieve your continuing education certificates, and take advantage of NJ NACHI’s member only tools!

Registering for a Meeting:
  1. After using method 1, 2 or 3 above to access the registration system, click Register Now in the meeting pop-up*
  2. Select the ticket type you want, and change the quantity from ‘0’ to ‘1’
  3. Click Continue to Step 2
  4. Click Confirm in the Confirm Ticket Purchase Details pop-up
  5. Review your purchase one last time, and click Confirm
  6. A receipt will be sent to your email as confirmation of your registration

*Make sure your browser allows pop-ups when on the NJNACHI.Member365.com site

NOTE:  An error message indicating that there are “No more tickets available” appears if the user does not meet any preset qualifications for a meeting (such as Membership in Good Standing, etc.)


Meeting Schedule


NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month covering North, Central & South Jersey.

See meeting locations & register here.