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Since there are numerous online resources for approved New Jersey Home Inspector CEUs, NJ NACHI expects that the Home Inspection Advisory Committee (HIAC) will require all licensees to maintain their CEUs through this state of emergency without excuse.

To assist our membership with the cost of maintaining CEU’s during this difficult time, New Jersey NACHI has invested in a platform to provide remote meetings.  These meetings will be free to all members, student members and affiliate members in good standing.  We expect to continue to hold remote meetings on a monthly basis until such time as meeting sites reopen and the limitations on large gatherings are lifted.

To ensure continued and accurate accounting of your NJ NACHI CEUs, our existing membership and education tracking system (123 Signup) will continue to be utilized for registration, certificate issuance and survey generation of these remote meetings.

The online platform GoToWebinar will be used to hold remote meetings.  A link will be provided for access to the online software once you have registered for the meeting through the normal meeting registration process.  If you are using GoToWebinar for the first time, you will need to download the software when prompted to do so.  You will be required to identify yourself using your first and last name, and the email address that is associated with your NJ NACHI membership account.

To participate in the remote meeting, you will need a desktop, laptop or tablet.  We do not recommend using a smartphone, because the presentation will be difficult to see and interact with.  You will need a device with a speaker (or use the call-in telephone option).  A microphone is optional; webcams are not required at this time.

For a quick demonstration of GoToWebinar, CLICK HERE.

State Home Inspection regulations require educators to provide proof of attendance when CEUs are issued.  At our North, Central & South meetings, this is accomplished with the sign-in and sign-out sheets as well as visual confirmation.  For our remote meetings, please be aware of the methods that NJ NACHI will be using to verify your attendance and attentiveness:

  1. The online system will track when you log on and log off the meeting.  You must be logged into the meeting for its entirety to receive credit for the class.
  2. The online system will track your screen activity.  If you have other windows open on you computer and your attention is diverted from the class, your ‘Interest Score’ will drop.  Individuals who do not meet a minimum Interest Score level will not receive credit for the class.
  3. Polls will be taken randomly during the presentation.  100% participation in the poll questions is required to be awarded credit for the class.

The NJ NACHI Board of Directors has voted that CEU’s for all remote meetings will be provided to MEMBERS ONLY, as a benefit of New Jersey NACHI membership.

The use of the GoToWebinar link by those who are not registered through NJ NACHI’s membership and meeting registration software (123 Signup) is not authorized. 

Certificates of completion will only be issued to those who have signed up for the Remote Meeting via NJ NACHI’s meeting registration software (123 Signup) and who have met the 3 attendance and attentiveness criteria above. 

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