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How to renew your membership

Method 1: Renewal Reminders

The easiest and most common way to renew your membership is through Renewal Reminders.  Renewal Reminders are automated emails you will receive on predetermined days before or after your Renewal Date.  The first email you will receive will be sent 30 days before your renewal date.  Each Renewal Reminder has a Renewal Link that is unique to you. When you click on that Renewal Link, you are taken to a page to renew your Membership.



Method 2: Through the Member Portal

If you have Portal Access, you can renew your Membership through the Member Portal.  Members can start renewing from the Member Portal 30 days before the Renewal Date.  When a Membership is eligible to be renewed, you will see a button to renew upon accessing your dashboard. You can also click through the ‘My Account’ -> ‘Membership’ drop-down menu to view a full list of any Membership you’re enrolled into.  If a Membership Category is eligible for renewal, you can click the ‘Renew Now’ button beside its name to initiate the process.





Method 3: When logging into the Portal

If your membership is Lapsed and the Grace Period has passed, you will no longer have Portal Access and you will be forced to renew before you can get access.  Lapsed Members can initiate Membership Renewals simply by logging into the Member Portal. You will automatically be prompted to renew at login.

Meeting Schedule


NJ NACHI offers three meetings per month covering North, Central & South Jersey.

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Why Realtors Should Use NJ NACHI

Realtors, NJ NACHI is your trusted source for home inspectors for agents, brokers, lenders, appraisers, builders or real estate attorneys. We know it is important that you have professional, talented home inspectors to recommend to your clients to help them make smart decisions on buying or selling.